What matters to us

What we stand for

Leukocare is a team of highly dedicated scientists and business people committed to delivering the best services, technologies and solutions to our customers and partners.

We are driven by three core values:

  • We are a Customer-centric company.
  • We always strive for Excellence.
  • We push boundaries to be Pioneering in drug product development.
  • Our motivation is customer satisfaction
  • We listen to you
  • We are a reliable, dedicated and trusted partner to you
  • We offer solutions tailored to your needs
  • We do not compromise on quality
  • We are experts in what we do
  • We provide best-in-class protein and virus analytics
  • We offer fast, tailored and simple solutions for complex molecules
  • We provide innovative formulation technologies for biopharmaceutical compounds
  • We are data driven
  • Our in-house developed algorithms are unique in the field
  • We have sound knowledge in the area of stabilizing biopharmaceutical proteins, viral vectors & vaccines and biofunctional devices

Operating at the interface of drug substance and drug product development, we combine sound knowledge of formulation development with bioinformatics and artificial intelligence.

Guided by a long-standing history of stabilizing complex biological compounds, we apply our technologies and in-house developed algorithms to provide you with reliable and fast solutions tailored to your needs.

Our history

Photo of a test sample

Our history is our heritage

Leukocare was founded as a product developing company in 2003 by Prof. Martin Scholz and Michael Scholl. Our medical device development is aimed at reducing systemic inflammation in patients during cardiac surgery through a reduction in leukocyte activity in an extracorporeal blood circuit employing an antibody.

We care for Leukocytes – Leukocare

The key challenge was the stabilization of the immobilized antibody during manufacturing, terminal sterilization and storage, which we delivered successfully. Leukocare became a technology provider for protein stabilizing technologies. Over time, we refined our knowledge and established Leukocare's formulation technology platform for biopharmaceuticals, viral vectors & vaccines and biofunctionalized devices.

By forming strategic partnerships with Rentschler Biopharma in 2017 and Xellia ApS in 2018, we significantly strengthened our business, our top line and our reputation.

Several years ago, we started a dedicated bioinformatics department in order to expand and consolidate our unique position in artificial intelligence. We now have an expanding group of experts with very broad-based experience (machine learning, statistics, molecular modeling, design of experiments) working to further implement artificial intelligence in the respective fields.

Drug product stability is our heritage, stability is in our genes. We do not stop where we are but are continuing our journey towards a fully integrated service provider in drug product services.

Leukocare´s Executive Board